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How To Pack A Bike Box

How much does it cost to book a bike box?
We offer a flat rate of £5 per day per box payable upfront at time of collection.
A deposit of £100 is also required in advance however this is refunded in full upon safe return of the bike box.
Is the bike box insured?
No, the box is your responsibility from collection until return.
Will my Mountain bike fit?

Yes it will fit.
Large mountain bikes (even large frame sizes) including 29’ers fit in fine, but they will need further dismantling. The forks will more than likely need to be removed and removing the tyres and rotors is advisable.

How do I book a bike box?
2 ways to book your bike box.
Simply fill out a booking form available here
Or book via one of our local microsites. A full list of which is available here.
What locks do you recommend to secure the bike box?

We recommend specialised bike box adapted TSA Locks. Some of our hubs have started to stock these and are available from only £3 per hire. They are simple to use and come with a protective velcro strap which prevents the lock getting caught in bag handling machinery and causing any unnecessary damage to the bike box.

TSA Locks (which stands for Transportation Security Administration Locks) are locks that have been designed and approved by all international and national airports to allow travellers the ability to lock their luggage with an approved lock that can also be opened by custom officers via a master key.

Travellers who use non TSA Locks or cable ties will have them cut off for inspection by customs only never to be replaced afterwards. Thus potentially making your luggage vulnerable to opportunistic thieves and setting you back the cost of locks and/or cable ties every time you travel.

Is there anything else I should know about packing the bike?
Please ensure you deflate the tyres and do not pack CO2 canisters, these are not allowed by the airlines.
What are the dimensions of a Bike Box Alan?
  • Max height 92cm
  • Min height 75cm
  • Length 113cm
  • Thickness 23cm min to 32cm max
  • Weight 11.2 Kg.
  • It is common to average out the dimensions for flight: 80 Height x 90 Long x 30 Thickness
Do you offer delivery of the bike box?
Delivery to your home is available to areas close to our collection hubs at a minimum of £35 charge for doing so. Please ask for a quote at time of booking.
I have a question about my booking?

As your booking is managed locally by your local cycle box hire hub we will need to direct your questions towards them. Simply select your local hub when filling out your ‘Have a question?‘ form on this page.

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