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Offer Code for Cycling Insurance – Yellow Jersey


Get an additional 10% discount when you follow the link above and use offer code BBHDEVON

Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance offers a pair of complementary insurance products to cover all eventualities for training, travelling, riding and racing.Cycle insurance providing complete cover for your bike in the UK and overseas; from crash damage and theft, to race fee cancellation and third party liability. Cycle-specific Travel Insurance covering you for medical mishaps and repatriation when riding abroad, on top of all the features you’d expect from a standard travel insurer.

Read why we believe Yellow Jersey provide the best cycling insurance cover


We have teamed up with Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance to offer you the best cover for your bicycle & travel needs.

We have spent a long time searching for the right insurance provider for our customers and we are happy to say we have found them in Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance.Yellow Jersey offer specialist cover for bicycles includes all the standard cover you’d expect but also cover other things like race fee cancellation, crash damage, wheels cover and even theft from inside a vehicle.Yellow Jersey are the official supplier to the British Triathlon Federation, they insure Team Wiggins and are proud sponsors of Matrix Pro Cycling, the team of double Olympic gold medallist Laura Trott.

Yellow Jersey offer a 60% discount on all additional bikes after you insure your first so they are super competitive! See below a short summary of the bike insurance cover and what it includes – Bicycle Insurance Features

Travel Insurance

If you already have travel insurance, check the small print! Some providers with exclude cover for medical expenses if cycling is the main reason for your trip, like a training camp or race. Yellow Jersey cover you for the following:

* Cover for all kinds of cycling

* £10m emergency medical expenses including repatriation

* Emergency cycle hire

* Trip cancellation

* Delayed baggage

* Permanent injury payment

* And more

Bicycle Insurance

Yellow Jersey offer 3 bicycle insurance policies depending on where you’re going and what type of cycling you’ll be doing. All cover as standard:

* Theft cover

* Crash, accidental and vandalism damage

* £2m public liability

* £250 accessories included as standard

Choose Performance to also be covered for

* 30 days in Europe

* Loss or damage with the airline or courier (bike only)

* Participation in a charity ride or sportive

Choose Ultimate to also be covered for

* 120 days worldwide

* Loss or damage of the bike box with the airline or courier

* Racing cover

The policies are available as short term or annual. You can buy directly via their website or direct any questions to support@yellowjersey.co.uk or 0333 003 0046. Their small, friendly team will be happy to help.

We believe this is a comprehensive and very competitive policy from Yellow Jersey, if you claim it will not affect your home insurance, they do not increase your premium and they actually give you an automatic 20% renewal discount. Finally, the policy even includes for free a YJ DNA+ forensic protection system worth £30.And YJ also offer travel insurance

Why do I need a specific Cycle Travel Insurance?
In much the same way as you buy travel insurance for winter sports, Yellow Jersey provides travel insurance specific to cycle events / trips.

If you already have cycle insurance, ask yourself two simple questions:

“Have I checked it covers holidays where the primary purpose is cycling? e.g. a training camp or cycle tour.”

“Have I checked it covers me if I’m taking part in an event?  e.g. a long distance sportive, a charity ride, a triathlon race.”

A lot of people are unaware travel insurance provided by their work or banks excluded claims if they came off their bike whilst on a cycling specific holiday. Some travel insurers will cover cycling if it’s an incidental part of your holiday, e.g. you hired a bike for a day with your family but not if the primary purpose of the trip is cycling. So if you were racing an Ironman in Austria, taking part in the Mallorca 312 or simply training with a group in the Pyrenees your normal travel insurance is likely inadequate.Further, the EHIC card protection is only valid if you get taken to a state hospital in Europe.

A lot of popular cycling routes and destinations in Europe have only private hospitals nearby whilst state hospitals are few and far between. No matter where you are or what type of cycling you will be enjoying, if you have cycle travel insurance with Yellow Jersey, you can relax and ride with complete confidence that you’re covered.Since active people rarely confine themselves to a single discipline, Yellow Jersey annual policies also include a FREE Winter Sports Package worth up to £80.

Alternative info on bike insurance –Why choose Yellow Jersey to insure your bike?

There are lots of reasons why you should get specific insurance for bicycles.

These include:

  • All claims are handled by in-house and Yellow Jersey aim to get 95% of customers back on the bike in 14 days or less.
  • Yellow Jersey cycle insurance claims will have no effect on your home insurance no claims bonus.
  • Yellow Jersey do not you charge you extra at renewal if you’ve made a claim, in fact you automatically get a 15% renewal discount.
  • Yellow Jersey annual bicycle insurance even comes with a Yellow Jersey DNA+ forensic protection system, to help with theft prevention, worth £30.



Get an additional 10% discount when you follow the link above and use offer code BBHDEVON




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